About Us

The Belvidere Fire Department has been serving the City of Belvidere since 1886. We protect the city’s population of 25,585 covering an area of 12.5 square miles. In 2022 the Belvidere Fire Department (BFD) responded to 3,195 calls for service.

The Department maintains a full-time staff of 42 members. The staff includes:

  • One (1) Fire Chief
  • Three (3) Captains
  • Three (3) Lieutenants
  • Twenty-one (21) Firefighter/Paramedics
  • One (1) Administrative Assistant
  • One (1) Full Time Inspector
  • Twelve (12) Ambulance Staff:
    • Six (6) Paramedics
    • Six (6) EMT’s


The BFD operates from two Fire Stations and an Ambulance Station to provide effective coverage throughout the city. We have the following vehicle apparatus:

  • Three (3) Engines
  • One (1) Ladder Truck
  • One (1) Utility Truck
  • Two (2) Ambulances
  • Two Command Vehicles
  • One (1) Dive vehicle
  • One (1) Inspector/Training Vehicle
  • One (1) Polaris Ranger UTV
  • One (1) Zodiac Rescue Boat
  • One (1) Jet Ski
  • One (1) Smoke Trailer

Belvidere Fire Department

A Shift

Captain Chris Letourneau

Lieutenant Dan Drall

FF Mark Beck

FF Glenn Williams

FF Aaron Pihl

FF Ron Herman

FF Stephan Mead

FF Bobby Gunsteen

FF Troy Vandenbroek

Belvidere Fire Department

B Shift

Captain Jason Swanson

Lieutenant Travis Tangye

FF Matt Loudenbeck

FF Jim Kriebs

FF Greg Pavlatos

FF Adam Ellwanger

FF Zach Bullard

FF Jason Jankowski

FF Luis Herrera

Belvidere Fire Department

C Shift

Captain David Burdick

Lieutenant Nic Thornton

FF Jeff Vaughan

FF Kevin Fox

FF Brad Heiser

FF Todd Winnie

FF Joe Erber

FF Jake Hendrickson

FF Cory Mitchell