Our Services


Our fire department is dedicated to safeguarding lives, property, and the environment through a comprehensive array of services designed to address emergencies of all kinds, educate the public on fire safety, and provide advanced medical care. Our offerings include:

Fire Suppression

We offer rapid and efficient responses to extinguish fires in various settings, employing advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to manage and control fires effectively, aiming to prevent loss of life and minimize property damage.

ALS Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Our certified paramedics provide high-level, pre-hospital medical care, including cardiac monitoring, advanced airway management, and drug administration. We ensure timely and safe transportation of patients to medical facilities for further treatment.

Fire Safety Inspections and Investigations

We conduct regular inspections of buildings and facilities to ensure compliance with fire codes and identify potential hazards. Our investigations determine the causes of fires, leading to the implementation of measures to prevent future incidents.

Emergency Rescue Services

Our team is prepared to initiate the response of all types of rescues. rescues, including those in confined spaces, at high angles, and within collapsed structures. We work with the MABAS 8 TRT team to effectuate the rescue. We also provide vehicle extrication services for individuals trapped following accidents.

All Hazards Response

We are prepared to respond to a wide array of emergencies, including natural disasters, terrorist incidents, and large-scale accidents, working closely with other emergency services and agencies for a coordinated response.

Tactical Emergency Medical Services (TEMS)

We offer medical support for law enforcement operations, including SWAT teams, delivering immediate care in high-threat environments and critical medical interventions in the field.

Technical Rescue Team (TRT)

Our TRT is equipped with specialized training and equipment to perform rescues in challenging environments, capable of addressing a range of technical rescue scenarios.

Hazardous Materials (Hazmat)

We respond to hazardous materials incidents with containment, mitigation, and cleanup efforts, ensuring public safety through risk assessment, decontamination, and education. Larger releases we will utilize MABAS 8 Hazmat team.

ICE/Water Rescue

We provide rescue services for water-related incidents, including swift water and ice rescue operations, with trained divers for underwater search and recovery missions.

Fire Prevention and Safety Education

Our community outreach programs focus on fire prevention, safety practices, and emergency preparedness, supplemented by the distribution of fire safety materials, smoke alarms, and fire extinguishers.

CPR Instruction

We offer CPR classes to the public, teaching vital skills that can save lives in case of a cardiac emergency, and provide certification for individuals who complete the training, enhancing community readiness to respond to emergencies.

Our commitment to these services ensures a holistic approach to public safety, combining proactive prevention with responsive emergency services and public education to create a safer, more prepared community.

Types of Public Service Responses

Medical Emergencies

Beyond fire-related incidents, one of the most common responses involves providing medical aid for accidents, illnesses, and other health crises, leveraging our ALS (Advanced Life Support) capabilities.

Traffic Accidents

Responding to vehicle collisions, providing medical care, extricating trapped individuals, and securing accident scenes to prevent further injuries or accidents.

Natural Disasters

Assisting in response and recovery efforts during floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires, including search and rescue, medical aid, and logistical support.

Public Events

Offering standby medical and emergency services during public gatherings, sports events, and other large-scale events to ensure rapid response to any incident.

Utility Emergencies

Responding to gas leaks, water main breaks, and electrical hazards, securing the area, and working with utility companies to mitigate risks.

Animal Rescues

Assisting in rescuing animals in distress, whether they are trapped in structures, stuck in trees, or fallen into water bodies, often collaborating with animal control agencies.

Hazardous Material Incidents

Handling spills and leaks of hazardous substances, containing the hazard, and performing decontamination to protect public health and the environment.

Assistance to Other Agencies

Law Enforcement Support

Assisting police and other law enforcement agencies with TEMS (Tactical Emergency Medical Services) during high-risk operations, such as standoffs or raids, and providing medical care in potentially hazardous situations.

Search and Rescue Operations

Collaborating with local, state, and federal agencies in search and rescue operations, bringing specialized skills such as TRT (Technical Rescue Team) and water rescue capabilities to the effort.

Public Health Initiatives

Working with public health departments during health emergencies, pandemics, and vaccination drives, providing logistical support and utilizing our EMS capabilities to enhance public health responses.

Emergency Management Coordination

Partnering with emergency management agencies to plan, prepare for, and respond to disasters and emergencies, ensuring a coordinated and efficient response across multiple jurisdictions and specialties.

Fire Prevention and Education

Collaborating with schools, community organizations, and businesses to deliver fire safety education and training, aiming to reduce fire incidents and enhance community resilience.

Environmental Protection

Assisting environmental agencies in responding to and mitigating the effects of environmental emergencies, such as oil spills or chemical releases, to protect natural resources.

Lift Assists

Lift assists are services provided to help individuals who have fallen and cannot get up on their own but are not injured. This service is particularly valuable for elderly or disabled members of the community who may be at greater risk of falls. Firefighters, who are trained and equipped to safely lift individuals, can help them get back into a chair, onto a bed, or to a standing position without causing harm to the individual or themselves. These calls ensure that vulnerable community members receive prompt assistance, reducing the risk of further injury from prolonged immobility.

Wellness Checks

Conducting checks on individuals who may be at risk or have not been seen or heard from in an unusual amount of time, especially during extreme weather conditions or health emergencies.

Other Emergency Needs as requested.

Through these diverse public service responses and the assistance provided to other agencies, fire departments play an integral role in not only responding to emergencies but also in preparing for and preventing them. The collaboration between fire departments and other agencies ensures that communities receive comprehensive support and protection across a wide spectrum of potential incidents and challenges.