Detective Section

Detective Section

The Belvidere Police Department Detective Section is made up of four general case detectives, who are supervised by a Detective Sergeant. Detectives are sworn members of the police department and are responsible for the investigation of major crimes and other misdemeanor and felony offenses. Detectives are also assigned to an “on-call” schedule to provide 24 hour a day availability for instances when a detective is needed outside of normal work hours.   

Detective duties include:

  • Crime scene processing and photography 
  • Collecting evidence 
  • Conducting follow-up investigations on major reported crimes 
  • Initiating formal investigations on certain crimes not normally initially investigated by patrol officers
  • Recovery of stolen property 
  • Criminal intelligence information gathering 
  • Victim/witness assistance 
  • Preparation of cases for prosecution, warrant service
  • Assisting other law enforcement agencies with criminal investigations, along with other duties as assigned. 

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Belvidere Police Department to provide a safe living, learning, and working environment to all citizens and visitors to the City of Belvidere. The members of the Belvidere Police Department will work with all person(s) or groups to enforce, and assist in the prosecution of all violations of laws and ordinances to assure these safe environments.