Accident Reports

Boone County Sheriff Office - IL0040000 Or Belvidere IL PD – IL0040100

To obtain a Copy of your Crash Report Online Go To:

Step 1  Select the ‘Search’ button.

Step 2   Input the crash data for the report that you are searching for and click the ‘Search’ button.

Step 3   If a report is found, select ‘Add to Cart’ link.

Step 4   Login with existing ID or new users create a new ID.

Step 5   If a Drivers Exchange report is available, a Free Drivers Exchange link will be shown. Select ‘Add to Cart’ link.

Step 6   The user should enter the data requested on the Verification Page and select Submit. The Date of Birth is required for an involved party to get a free Drivers Exchange report. The Drivers Exchange report will be added to your shopping cart.

Step 7   Select the ‘View Cart’ button. Review your order and select ‘Checkout’ button.

Step 8   Provide reference number and billing information, if applicable, and select ‘Continue’ button.

Step 9   Select the ‘Purchase and Download Report’ button.

Step 10 Select View Report and the Drivers Exchange report will open as a PDF in a new window.

For Customer Assistance, please call the LexisNexis Support line at 866.215.2771

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Belvidere Police Department to provide a safe living, learning, and working environment to all citizens and visitors to the City of Belvidere. The members of the Belvidere Police Department will work with all person(s) or groups to enforce, and assist in the prosecution of all violations of laws and ordinances to assure these safe environments.