Ambulance Billing Policy


The Corporate Authorities of the City of Belvidere (the City) adopt this Ambulance Billing Policy, pursuant to the authority set forth in Section 46-62 of the City of Belvidere Municipal Code (the Code), to provide for the implementation and application of Ambulance Services Fees under that section. This policy shall govern the billing and collection of fees imposed by Section 46-62 of the Code. All references to the Department shall include any entity providing billing services pursuant to section 46-61 of the Code as well as any entity providing collection services for the City for unpaid amounts due under Section 46-62.

1) The Department shall first bill any third-party insurance company or Medicare / Medicaid (third-party payors) identified by the Patient or other responsible party for all amounts due pursuant to Section 46-62. The Department shall then bill the Patient (or other responsible party) for any balance not paid by a third-party payor in accordance with relevant law. In the event the Patient is a resident of the City, the Department shall accept payment by the third-party payor plus any co-payment, co-insurance, and deductible as payment in full of obligations under Section 46-62. In the event the patient is not a resident of the City, the Department shall bill the full balance of all amounts owed under Section 46-62 to the Patient or other responsible party (parent or guardian) with a credit for amounts received from third-party payors in accordance with all applicable rules, codes, and laws.

2) The Department is authorized to enter payment plans with the patient (or other responsible parties) not to exceed twelve monthly payments. In the event a patient (or other responsible party) fails to make two or more required monthly payments the remaining balance owed shall be forwarded to collections.

3) Patients who qualify for financial assistance with the receiving hospital for treatment received immediately following the emergency transport, can provide the corresponding award letter to the department or billing agency. The Department shall apply the same discount to any remaining balances.

Billing Rates Ordinance


46-60. Ambulance Service Established.

Effective May 1, 2023, the City of Belvidere shall operate Ambulance Services within the corporate limits of the City of Belvidere and outside of the corporate limits pursuant to agreements or requests for assistance. Ambulance Services shall be performed under the auspices and policies of the City of Belvidere Fire Department and pursuant to the policies and procedures of the appropriate agency with Medical Control. The Fire Chief, or the Chief’s designee, shall be responsible for, set policy for, and otherwise supervise all ambulance service activities.

46-61. EMS Transport Independent Contractors.

The Corporate Authorities may enter into agreements to lease Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support ambulances for the provision of Ambulance Services and may enter into agreements with outside agencies or third-party entities to provide paramedic services on an independent contractor basis. The Corporate Authorities may also enter into agreements for the provision of billing services related to the collection of fees for Ambulance Services.

46-62. Fee schedule for Ambulance Services:

The City shall charge every patient fees for Ambulance Services as set forth below. The City may adopt policies relating to the collection of fees and the procedure for forgiving debts.

  • Basic Life Support (BLS) Rates: $1,900.00 Transport + $21.00 per loaded mile
  • Basic Life Support Emergency (BLS-Emergency) Rates: $1,900.00 Transport + $21.00 per loaded mile
  • Advanced Life Support, level 1 (ALS1) Rates: $2,100.00 Transport + $21.00 per loaded mile
  • Advanced Life Support, level 1 Emergency (ALS1-Emergency) Rates: $2,100.00 Transport + $21.00 per loaded mile
  • Advanced Life Support, level 2 (ALS2) Rates: $2,100.00 Transport + $21.00 per loaded mile
  • The charges for ambulance service set forth above shall increase annually at the rate of 3% annually.