Kidde Lock Box Information and Requirements


123 S. State St.
Belvidere, IL 61008

Fire Chef and Administration offices
(815) 544-2242
Fax (815) 544-2278

October 5, 2023

Dear Business, Building Owner, or Manager,

This letter is to notify you that the Belvidere Fire Department requires an approved key lock box for locations with installed life safety systems. Lock boxes are also required where immediate access is necessary for lifesaving or fire-fighting purposes as allowed by the adopted International Fire Code (IFC), Section 506. The City of Belvidere Fire Department only allows approved lock boxes from Kidde. Fire Department lock boxes shall, as required by the IFC, “contain keys to gain necessary access as required by the fire code official.”

The installation of a Fire Department lock box provides the fire department with quick, easy access into the building. It provides access that does not require damaging doors if there is an alarm or sprinkler activation. Many of our calls to investigate system activations are not the result of an actual emergency or occur at a time when there is no responsible person available to allow access. Other calls are for medical situations where the calling party cannot respond to provide entry. Unless the situation dictates otherwise, we prefer to avoid causing damage by forcing access, which is avoided by using a key from a lock box.

It should be made clear that Fire Department lock boxes are only used to allow fire department emergency access into a building to quickly investigate emergency system activation or mitigation of emergency medical issues. There is no other authorized use. Keys that allow access into individual living spaces are not required to be placed in lock boxes. Crews will force entry as needed into individual living units or other secure areas once inside the building if emergency access is deemed necessary in the judgment of the officer in charge. If desired, a master key that allows entry into individual units may also be placed in the key box for emergency use.

Fire Department Lock Boxes can be order through Kiddie:

If you have questions about the lock box program, please contact Inspector Wittig at 815-218-7565

Best Regards,