Safety And Burning

What We Can All Do for Fire Safety
Follow the Guidelines

We should all follow the guidelines of the Uniform Fire Code. These codes are law and are intended to help prevent fires from starting and protect your home in the event of a fire. It is very important to understand that by following these codes you give the firefighters a better chance of saving your home.

You can greatly increase the chance of your home surviving a major fire if:

  1. Install and maintain smoke detectors.
  2. Install a chimney spark arrestor to prevent roof fires.
  3. Practice a home fire escape plan.
  4. Keep lighters and matches out of the reach of children.
  5. Don’t use fireworks. They are illegal in the areas served by this fire department.
  6. Be fire smart, practice fire safety.

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Can I burn on my property?

It is illegal to burn leaves, grass, trees, brush, shrubs, or any household garbage or refuse within the City Limits of Belvidere.
Recreational burning is allowed in certain circumstances in approved commercial fire pit.  For information on permissible buring See Belvidere Municipal Code Section 74-215.

What about outdoor burning in connection with preparation of food?

You may burn outdoors at any time so long as such burning is strictly for the preparation of food and is done within a grill, enclosed stove or fireplace.

Can I have a Bonfire?

Yes, if such fire is solely for the purpose of a ceremonial occasion and the fire is attended at all times by an adult, and you have approval from the Fire Chief or his designee.

What about other types of burning?

You may not burn in any other way than stated above, unless you file a request and attain approval from the Fire Chief or his designee.

Below is a list of acts that may cause a nuisance and should be avoided:

Smoke causing an obstruction to vehicle traffic
Smoke causing a nuisance to the public
Unapproved Fires, (bonfires and other fires).